Our Mission

ThinkPlants™ represents an exclusive, dedicated team, including plant breeders and other horticulture experts, seamlessly connected to a supply chain and sales effort. This gives ThinkPlants™ a competitive advantage and an innovative plant offering for the North American Nursery industry. ThinkPlants™ offers growers an unrivaled commitment to breeding a diverse mix of improved plant genetics, with a healthy supply chain of top quality URC, bareroot and liners, along with a true sense of transparency between grower and supplier.

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Combining plant genetics with a cooperative marketing and supply strategy, ThinkPlants™ is a collective unified brand. This cooperative approach gives sales and broker teams a consistent and powerful ‘go to market’ message along with the confidence that comes from a high-quality supply chain.

ThinkPlants™ is devoted to bringing the best genetics to market and providing quality inputs to the grower at reasonable costs. This collaborative approach to the market allows us a very diversified portfolio, the best technical resources available, an organized retail pursuit, and a stream-lined supply chain.

ThinkPlants is the best company to align with for new perennial genetics, trusted supply, customer service, and reliability in the North American perennial market.