Work with ThinkPlants


We are dedicated to serving all types of growers and to aligning them with the best possible business solutions. If the customer is not successful, we are not successful. Not only do we desire to bring the best plant genetics to market, but it is our goal to fine-tune the supply chain and make this a seamless option for growers. We want to give the grower a very diversified portfolio, the best technical resources available, an organized retail pursuit, and a stream-lined supply chain.


In a market of accelerated change, a close working and hands-on relationship with our breeders is fundamentally important and is an essential part of the ThinkPlants™ strategy. We are looking for other like-minded companies to join us in this collaborative approach to the market.

We offer to breeder clients high quality supply chain options for the North American market. ThinkPlants can get you into relevant trial sites, and offer a voice for you in front of key retailers and at major trade shows.

We also have close working relationships with top broker networks and premium perennial growers. ThinkPlants can offer the full supply chain from trials to supply and grower sales to smaller breeders.


It is the goal of ThinkPlants to offer a concise and streamlined approach to retailers. For all the breeders we represent we will present good plant info, work to provide timely trial material, and ensure a healthy supply chain for growers. If you are a buyer for a retail store or group and have questions about ThinkPlants™ and the genetics we represent, please contact us at


It is our hope that anyone selling perennial plants in North America will look to ThinkPlants™ and the collective companies under this name as a primary source of supply.

ThinkPlants is dedicated to bringing to market the best perennial genetics with the supply to back up broker sales. We are here to help you be successful with your perennial customers.