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Unex Inc.

Unex Inc. is a true Dutch family business which guarantees the best flower bulbs and perennials grown from cultivated stock in The Netherlands.

Our steady team of long time workers are very skilled when it comes to quality, storing and packing our quality products. Years of training and expertise play an important role in our organization.

Unex Inc. plays an important role in filling the customers wishes. This requires a flexible set up of our people, machines and storing facilities. For us a great challenge and for you a great resource for possible problems!

Our approach

Unex Inc. likes to keep control. This way we are able to work and shift fast on product quotes asked, but also to help fast with customers questions.

This gives our organization also the possibility to develop and supply customized work for our customers. You have excellent direct contact with our team in The Netherlands who control the entire process of overseeing the growing with all the different growers in The Netherlands until delivery of the products all over the World!


Export of flower bulbs and perennials to the United States started for us in 1976. Our main customer bases were garden centers and greenhouse growers and we still supply a lot of the earliest customers to this day!

Throughout the years we made a few changes and also started to focus our expertise towards wholesale growers and mail order. Unex Inc. now specializes in exporting Dutch grown flower bulbs and perennials all over North America and different parts of Europe and Asia.

We also take part of the world known outdoor exhibition of 'Keukenhof' park in The Netherlands.