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Founded in 1953, Danziger is now one of the world’s most innovative floriculture companies. Danziger is engaged in the research, breeding, development, propagation, production, sale and marketing of varieties of cut flowers, annuals and perennials – creating extraordinary flower varieties and beautiful assortments that help customers along the entire value chain achieve extraordinary success.

Danziger has a perennial breeding focus on first-year flowering perennials, which can help growers cut weeks out of crop schedules, saving both money and space. This breeding work creates innovative solutions for growers engaged in perennial production.

Not only does Danziger offer top perennial breeding, but also runs the finest perennial URC supply for North America, out of their cutting facility in Guatemala, the primary vegetative supply for ThinkPlants. This is a prime location for reliable supply into North America. The farm in Guatemala has one of the highest URC production protocols for cleanliness available.

Additionally, all perennials, including open varieties, have gone through the Danziger TC lab, which screens for pathogens high and above what is required by Naktuinbouw. They also constantly select for true-to-type perennial production. The farm has an excellent production team in place who are fully engaged in all aspects of stock production and logistics.

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Now in the second generation of family ownership, the Green Circle Growers facilities and services have been growing since 1968. Located in Oberlin, OH, Green Circle Growers is a dedicated plug and liner supplier for much of North America. Green Circle Growers is set up to produce the vast majority of all Danziger and Syngenta perennials, as a plug or a liner, which are being promoted by ThinkPlants.

At Green Circle Growers, it is the mission to make every day better with plants. Thanks to a growing partnership with ThinkPlants, Green Circle Growers is increasing their reach in perennial liner and plug supply.

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Kapiteyn is a leader in Calla tuber breeding, and the breeder and producer for the Captain Calla line. Based in The Netherlands, Kapiteyn have been developing, cultivating and marketing flower bulbs for four generations. Their breeding work introduces unique colors which have a long shelf life, and excellent performance in both the greenhouse and garden. The Captain Calla brand is known worldwide and Kapiteyn can deliver the tubers every day of the year.

For the North American market, Kapiteyn excel in their product cleanliness, hands on support to growers, and cultural expertise. Their cultural support and step-by-step production guide help ensure the success of Calla growers. The process of testing, propagating and preparing only begins when a Calla is considered to be good enough to be renamed Captain Calla. Therefore, you are not only assured of a magnificent product but also of a tuber that is all set and ready to continue to grow uniform in your greenhouse!

As breeders of Callas, Kapiteyn does believe that “new” alone is not good enough. They work on improving their Calla assortment every day!

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Syngenta Flowers North America is one of the largest wholesale breeders of hybrid flower seed and cuttings in the world – developing and producing flower seeds and cuttings and growers internationally.

Syngenta Flowers is dedicated to breeding innovative flower varieties that offer outstanding performance in the professional greenhouse, at retail, in the landscape and in the home garden. In addition to legendary genetics, we support industry professionals with world-class customer service, in-depth cultural information, flexible and exciting marketing programs, and a deep understanding of plants from many points of view.

Syngenta Flowers is well known for the exceptional work they do on early season perennials. They offer a robust offering of perennials through ThinkPlants in both vegetative and seed produced perennials.

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Terra Nova

Terra Nova® Nurseries has grown from a small lab and greenhouse to a world leader in perennial and annual ornamental plant breeding. For more than a quarter century, the company’s breeding team has enriched the horticulture market with more than 1,000 varieties and 30-plus national and international award-winning introductions. Their goal for breeding is to make their plants the best value to whoever touches them; for the grower, a vigorous plant that requires less work to get it to market. For the retailer, eye catching plants that have a long shelf life and sale-able features at every stage. For the end consumer – the home gardener, great looking, easy to care for plants that thrive and will make consumers return for more Terra Nova® bred plants

Terra Nova® Nurseries is proud to be a member of the ThinkPlants group and are contributing an exceptional range of new perennials to a more discerning clientele.

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Unex Inc.

Unex Inc. is a true Dutch family business which guarantees the best flower bulbs and perennials grown from cultivated stock in The Netherlands.

Our steady team of long time workers are very skilled when it comes to quality, storing and packing our quality products. Years of training and expertise play an important role in our organization.

Unex Inc. plays an important role in filling the customers wishes. This requires a flexible set up of our people, machines and storing facilities. For us a great challenge and for you a great resource for possible problems!

Our approach

Unex Inc. likes to keep control. This way we are able to work and shift fast on product quotes asked, but also to help fast with customers questions.

This gives our organization also the possibility to develop and supply customized work for our customers. You have excellent direct contact with our team in The Netherlands who control the entire process of overseeing the growing with all the different growers in The Netherlands until delivery of the products all over the World!


Export of flower bulbs and perennials to the United States started for us in 1976. Our main customer bases were garden centers and greenhouse growers and we still supply a lot of the earliest customers to this day!

Throughout the years we made a few changes and also started to focus our expertise towards wholesale growers and mail order. Unex Inc. now specializes in exporting Dutch grown flower bulbs and perennials all over North America and different parts of Europe and Asia.

We also take part of the world known outdoor exhibition of  'Keukenhof' park in The Netherlands.

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